In today's ever changing financial landscape; individuals, partnerships, corporate institutions, associations, religious bodies and public entities with investable/ excess funds are seeking opportunities to preserve their wealth, grow their assets and generate regular income on their investment to meet set investment objectives. At Star Capital, we leverage on our rich experience, strong market insights and firmly rooted strategic alliances to help you realize your investment objective. Our Fixed-income investment package is designed to provide safe and secure avenue to place investment or excess funds to earn guaranteed return and regular/ growth on your investments.



  • High, negotiable and very competitive rates (above the T-Bill). This is dependent on demand and supply factors, the amount of placements, and tenure among other considerations.
  • No administrative fees or hidden charges.
  • Periodic (monthly, quarterly or annually) payment of interest into bank account.
  • Access to funds immediately after disinvestment.
  • Collateralization of funds (funds used as security for loans).
  • Minimum investment amount GH¢1,000.00.



  • High yield returns on investment (above T-Bills).
  • Regular income.
  • Save and secure investment.
  • Professional advice from our experienced investment team.



  • We are a licensed Christian financial institution by the Bank of Ghana.
  • We have an investment banking subsidiary that offers security for every funds we take from our clients.
  • Over five (5) years of high quality service; founded on integrity and promptness.
  • We are proud of our humble beginnings from a garage and we believe in organic growth.
  • We manage a lot of funds for many high net-worth individuals, churches, institutions, associations etc.
  • Strong corporate governance and robust system, processes and procedures.
  • Seasoned team of investment professionals.
  • Strong track record in the industry.
  • Strong financial strength.
  • Excellent customer service including door-to-door service.



Individual Clients

  • Minimum investment amount GH¢1,000.00.
  • Duly completed investment account opening form.
  • Proof of identity (Voters ID, Driver's licence, Passport, National Identification Card, NHIS).
  • Passport-sized photograph.

Corporate clients

  • Minimum investment amount GH¢1,000.00.
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate to commence business
  • Company regulations
  • Duly completed investment account opening form
  • Two recent passport-sized photograph of the Directors
  • Valid photo ID of Directors (Voters ID, Driver's licence, Passport, National Identification Card, NHIS)