How secured are funds with you ?

Star Capital Money Lending Limited is a Christian Financial Institution (non-banking financial institution) which is proudly 100% Ghanaian owned. It was incorporated in Ghana in February 2011 as a company limited by liability under the companies code, 1963 (Act 179) and licensed by the Bank of Ghana.Yours investments are managed by highly skilled professionals with a range of expertise in banking, finance and funds management. Also the company occupies its owed premises at East Legon, American House.

What is DreamFest Fund?

This is a monthly investment package solely targeted at individuals or families who dream of a home or vehicle ownership.This product allows stakeholders to make periodic monthly investment into a very secured and a high earning interest pool that easily enables them to raise enough money to acquire whatever asset they plan of securing

What other benefits do you get investing with Star Capital over other competitors?

High returns on investment accounts and you have the opportunity to secure loans from Star Capital at competitive interest rates. We have flexible loan package for business.This package includes free quarterly business seminars for clients .

Documentation is very simple and loan is done within a day.

What types of goods do you clear from the port?

We clear all types of good from the port except second hand appliances.

At what age can one apply for a loan?

One can apply for a loan between the ages of 18 - 60 if the person is either self employed or employee.

What is your maximum month for loan repayment?

The maximum month for loan repayment is 12 months and minimum is 1 month.